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Dark Energy 2.0

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I suppose I should hijack this thread before we even begin and introduce myself since I am new around here. I am "Liquidize" a Systems Engineer for a professional game studio during the day (not DarkForm), a student at night, and in my "other" time a hardcore MMORPG/FPS player as well as freelance programmer. I joined the team in late January 2013 as the main programmer for Ark of Nephilem. However I've now taken up other jobs, primarily the main programmer behind the lovely new in development "Dark Energy 2.0". I just call myself the team's System Engineer, but they seem to call me other things quite often, so I don't exactly know what my team position is. 
Enough about me though let us get to the main point of this topic, I would like to make it a point that all coding questions regarding Dark Energy 2.0 be addressed towards me as I am the one with the most knowledge on the code.
Dark Energy 2.0 is a complete an total rewrite of Dark Energy 1.x in a completely new environment. Written in a high performance, low system resources language it is designed to be a complete and feature rich community portal/indie game portal for DarkForm and others. With a completely new real server back-end  it allows for features Dark Energy could never allow before (trust me, I saw the old code!). Designed from the ground up to give you a one stop program for you and your friends to use while using DarkForm games.
The following features are a set of planned features that will be included in Dark Energy 2.
1. Central DarkForm gaming hub
2. Community Chat Rooms
3. Private Instant Messaging
4. DarkForm game updates/downloads
5. Community Profiles
6. Friends list
7. Completely integrated with all DarkForm games and sites.
8. Slick and clean UI - by our great Pure Hate


9. Indie Game Hub***


*** - Unconfirmed! It's been talked about but I am personally unsure whether it will be implemented (I haven't been told to add it so :D).



It is still in development but it will be released sometime soon.



[TODO: Edit this post (any admin) and make it seem nicer/add more features that will be added/etc]

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- Liquidize

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