Author Topic: Desolation: Earth Pre-Alpha closed launch!  (Read 25076 times)


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Desolation: Earth Pre-Alpha closed launch!
« on: September 24, 2017, 08:31:30 PM »
Hello all!

It has been some time since we have shown any updates and while it may appear that we fell off the face of the earth again (somewhat true) we have been hard at work on Desolation: Earth. Several months of re-writing code and re-working our maps have finally payed off. We are in the pre-alpha stage. This means we have a core foundation that is stable and we are adding new assets and features daily. Now its time to test the net code and get some games running so we can do some more debugging. The idea of these tests are to gauge what we should be prioritizing. The next build will have some welcome fixes to the UI and a new patch system so we can easily push out small patches to our test base without having to rebuild the game and upload it.

All of that to say welcome to our small community, we hope you have fun time playing Desolation: Earth. Please keep the forums toxic-free. We would like it to remain as chill as possible. If you have any issues we have a support forum, additionally you can send an email to We will be having some cool events which will be posted on the forums at a later date. If you have not read out latest development blog you can read it here. Our website is also under construction still, we apologize if buttons are not 100% where they should be!

**Pre-Alpha Testing Signup**
If you would like entry into the closed Pre-Alpha testing group, please send me an email to we have to activate your account manually, we will also send you a download link.