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Cross-Platform Support

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October 3, 2017
Cross-Platform support has been something we have always wanted to do. There is an increasing amount of developers that are porting their game to the MAC/Linux OS due to its incline in popularity. We believe you should be able to use any of those Operating systems and still be able to play with users that are on a different OS. Unity provides that advantage and makes it much easier for us.

Our new GM, GM_R00t will be working closely with me to make sure we are not using any platform specific shaders and other types of assets. He has worked so quickly that we already have a playable pre-alpha build working on Debian 9. However since we have overcome many of the big hurdles that were thrown our way development of DE has been rapid. This makes it a little hard to work on the linux/mac build¬†because things are constantly changing. Our plan is spice up the current windows build until we are in a comfortable spot that we can sit down and produce a build that has all the changes and is playable. You will most likely not see a mac/linux build until we enter Alpha. The ‘official’ build will be released when we have a patch system in-place for each operating system. This way changes can be pushed without the player having to re-download the whole client.

So! Hang tight and watch the forums for a mac/linux release!

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