Indie Game Development Studio

Dark Form Entertainment is a small, independent game design company formed in early 2008. We were just a bunch of high school students that wanted to make a cool game. In our school if we had nothing to work on, the teacher allowed us to play Unreal Tournament 2004 on our computers. We thought it would be a cool idea to make our own game we could play, and so we did.

Our game originally started on an old engine called FPSC. This was some time back in 2008, we used their engine and network code to create the first version of Desolation: Earth. We were one of the fist groups to integrate a c# back end into the Dark Basic engine. We used this system as our launcher and our entire game lobby framework. The engine suffered from memory issues and did not support 64bit. This meant we were really limited on the amount of features we could add. From that point, we made the decision to change the engine we were using, and opted for Unity 4.

Many changes and errors later we finally have a base we can develop off of. Our goal for Desolation: Earth since the very beginning has been to create a “Chill” FPS game. An FPS that anyone could just launch and play. We wanted Desolation: Earth to feel old school,  drawing its inspiration from games like Soldier Front, Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament 2004. These games were a huge part of our childhood. We didn’t want to make another rage inducing call of duty game. It was something that we handed out to people on a thumb drive, so they could play it in class. Obviously much has changed since then. But the most important things have not. We are a humble group. Our only goal as we grow Dark Form Entertainment is to make awesome F2P games that anyone can play.